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Wheel Tub and Tire height marking tools

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Using a radius lower guide to fit almost any tire size, this handy tool makes marking wheel well tire height a breeze. With up to 3" in up sizing you can slide this tool along your tire while marking out the opening. Makes knowing your tire clearance before dropping your ride 

Comes with the .25" thick guide tool and extended tip markal permanent marker.  The marker allows to slide in and out of the holes while scribing over obsticals 

This tool uses bolt patterns from 4x100/5x4"/5x4.5/5x4.75/5x5/5x5.5 with slide adjustments to fit any wheel and tire combo from 24" to 29" tall tire or a larger one for up to 42" tall  Simply bolt the tool on with your lug nuts, rotate the assembly, use the supplied extended tip marker to glide over irregular surfaces and cut.

This tool allows you to mark the exact size of your tires through the slide adjustment for a perfect fit every time. When combined with are tire gap tool to reference your drop, marking the surface is a breeze.

Custom made parts take 2-6 weeks lead time 

 Custom sizes and lug patterns available 


Disclaimer: Acrylic may have some imperfections under the protection film or in bend areas or on the panel itself. These mounts are made to hold a controller and be tucked into an area where the acrylic is not seen. Any small imperfections will be hidden by either the controller and or in its location. 


All of our parts require 1-6 week lead time. Some of our custom made parts are constantly made and stocked frequently. Some are made to order due to the size of the product and require the need to alter to a customers request, thus leaving the status of that part to be made to order. Generally are lead time on custom built products is within a week but our goal as a custom shop is to attend to our customers in order

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