Lincoln Air Suspension Kit

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Mid-size 4-door sedan. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?  Ford Motor Company has accepted the challenge of making the 4-door market exciting again with the CD4 chassis platform.  With its muscular lines and luxurious interior, we believe Ford hit a home run with the latest version of the Fusion.  That is, until you notice the truck-like wheel gap. Seriously, what were they thinking, giving a car that much wheel gap?!

With nowhere to go but down, the Air Lift Performance engineers set out to design a no-compromise lowering solution.  What they came up with is a suspension that offers amazing ride quality, premium handling and that sexy, lowered look you are after.  Yet, with the push of a button, you can go from fully slammed to speed-bump-clearing heights, taking the worry out of daily driving.  Feeling up for a bit of spirited driving on your way home?  This kit was designed with the track in mind. With an air pressure adjustment and a choice of 30 different levels of damping,  you are ready to carve your favorite curvy piece of asphalt.

Up front, we mated our smooth-riding double bellow bag with a monotube threaded body strut, allowing you to drop 4.9″ from factory height.  Attaching the strut to the car is an upper mount made from T6061 red anodized aluminum, utilizing a high quality spherical bearing.  Since this is a threaded body strut, you can adjust the lower mount to help dial in the correct height you are looking for–depending on your wheel and tire combination.

For the rear, we replace the factory coil spring with our double-bellows bag, giving you an astounding 5.1″ drop from OEM. To handle the damping duties, we are using a 30-way adjustable monotube shock to give you the ultimate in handling and ride comfort.

Detailed instructions will help you get your Fusion slammed within a few short hours.  If you have the ability to wire a stereo or swap out suspension parts, you should have no problem installing this air suspension.  If you do run into a snag with installation, the Air Lift Performance tech support team is top-notch, and can walk you through any questions you may have.

In order to bring to market the most durable air suspension possible, Air Lift Performance tortured the components of this kit to one million cycles (equivalent to approximately 100,000 miles) on their hydraulic test rig at temperatures from -30 deg F to 150 deg F. Couple this test lab work with thousands of miles of on-road testing—not to mention the one-year manufacturer’s warranty—and this is a kit you can count on to handle whatever the road throws down!

Isn’t it time you had the option of getting a killer lowered look without giving up ride quality or worrying about scraping your ride?  Ditch the springs and get to an entirely new level of low.